Confessions of a DM

Posted by S. Sloane on December 11, 2013
Like sands through the hourglass...

It was my first time acting as a Dungeon Master and I was stressed out over providing enough engrossing storylines to keep my players interested. Most of what I was inventing was trite.

I was convinced that everyone was going to hate my DM’ing, or worse still, find it boring.

As I was buying the D&D night snacks at the grocery store, something caught my eye at the register. It was at that moment of inspiration I purchased a little something that helped improve our gaming sessions tenfold.

That something was a copy of Soap Opera Digest.

As I leafed through it, I was amazed at the sheer shameless cheese and over-the-top audacity of the story lines in soap operas. Long lost twins turn into long lost triplets… forbidden affairs of every possible combination… false priests… fake marriages… nefarious plots to cheat orphans out of inheritances… and enough back-stabbing underhanded stock characters to raise the eyebrows of even the most jaded PCs.

With a little tweaking a day's worth of soap storylines could propel a month’s worth of gaming sessions.

So when I hosted my inaugural turn as a DM, my PCs found themselves in a little village teeming with small plot hooks and seedy details, each one with enough interesting, malleable background information that I could twist it into any number of quests or adventures.

My players enjoy it so much, they asked me to be the ongoing DM... I've been a subscriber of Soap Opera Digest ever since.

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