Family Ties

Posted on March 20, 2017

Perhaps the hardest thing to do, at least where my party is concerned, is act within the bounds of our alignment. We're a hack-and-slash party, known principally for slaying our way out of problems. Also, I have a nasty habit of perverting alignments (my lawful evil Gnome was the world's nicest mass murderer, for example). Not to say our DM isn’t up to the challenge, of course. In fact, he had a ready response each and every time our group of ostensibly good characters slaughtered first and asked questions later.

It started with an underground encounter with two owlbears. The party stumbled upon their nest, surprised the owlbears, and cut them both down in two rounds flat. On round three, a third owlbear appeared. It threw itself on top of its dead mother and started bawling. This caught us off-guard. Our oldest player mentioned seeing the same joke during a first edition campaign, so it's apparently a classic. And so, we laughed it off.

The second time it happened (a goblin raiding party that apparently brought their extended families), we laughed it off again, although somewhat guiltily. By the sixth time it was wearing thin. When the monsters started referring to our party as the Orphan Makers, it began to grate.

The last straw was when the party ventured into Skullport and found that collections had been taken up to support the broken families. Guilt-ridden, our Paladin donated his equipment and became a monk. The rest of the party handed over all their gold and swore never to fight again without first attempting to parley.

The very next encounter was with a Drow Sorceress. While we "parlayed," she cast Delayed Blast Fireball and annihilated 3/4 of the party. A lightning bolt finished off the rest.

Our group runs mostly neutral/evil now. It seemed easier.

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