Flamin’ Spoders

Posted on March 20, 2019

Early in the adventure, the heroes of the game I was DMing were delving in an ancient tunnel that was leading them to a crypt for the previous heroes.

On the way in was an old foyer that had an impossibly high ceiling with a dragon skeleton hanging from it. However, it had been several hundred years since anyone had walked through the room, so a pair of giant spiders had turned the skeleton into their home.

Before the PCs reached the room, I randomly checked to see if the spiders were out roaming or in the room. I roll. They are in the next room.

The players come to the room, where sticky strands of web are hanging down over their heads. The Sorcerer (who is all about fire spells) turns out to be terrified of spiders. Or "spoders" as he pronounces it. He's crawling on the floor, the other players are walking along looking UP in caution. Someone remarks about the cool dragon skeleton hanging up above with big white pouches inside the ribs. Finally, the Barbarian Tiefling decides to set the webs on fire to flush out the ‘spoders’.

Flames go up, setting the ceiling on fire. Queue dozens of little, flaming giant spider babies raining down into the room. The Sorcerer freaked out. In his panic, he cast more flaming spells toward the ceiling, causing the whole skeleton to come crashing down.

Trying to not choke on the smoke and be set on fire by burning webs or skeleton bits, the party pushed into the next room, led by the crawling Sorcerer—right into the pair of giant spiders who were coming back to see what all the commotion was about.

More fire, more explosions and much screaming later, the heroes find the crypt, but not before they destroyed most of the treasure and dungeon behind them. The rest of the PCs still tease the Sorcerer about "flamin' spoders."

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