I Hate Vampires

Posted on January 17, 2019

About two months ago I’d joined a homebrew campaign, and, thinking it was near the end, I just recycled my Dragonborn Barbarian.

Well, last week I’d decided that I was bored with him, so I tossed him out in favor of a winged Tiefling Sorcerer (since I’d had to abandon our session in the middle of a fight, the DM had my Barbarian run off chasing after a goon, and he just never came back). So, in our last game my Chaotic Neutral Pyromaniac Sorcerer joined the fight as part of a band of reinforcements, and with the others we quickly killed the boss before us.

Afterwards, a messenger came along with an invitation from the big bad of the whole campaign to come to him so we could get it over with. Despite not having our Cleric with us (the player couldn’t make it for some reason), the four of us (all lv8) stupidly decided to go after the vampire Lord Ironwood anyway.

When we got to the vampire’s mansion, which was decrepit and covered in vines, I immediately wanted to just burn the whole place down, but the DM said that the building was made of metal. A few minutes later, we found Lord Ironwood inside the mansion and the fight began, and I ended up at the bottom of the initiative order.

First thing the vampire tried was to cast banishment. No biggie, I just cast counterspell. Second thing he does is use his vampire charm on me. My wisdom is bad, plus I rolled low. Vampire lord then ordered me to kill the others (and since my character had only just joined the party, he had no real compunctions against this order).

At first I only cast cantrips or attacked with my dagger, since I didn’t want to try too hard, until finally I decided, “Screw this, I’m going to make a genuine effort to kill them,” and then I started burning through my spell slots.

When the session ended, I’d knocked out one of our party members, the vampire had knocked out another, I was still charmed by the vampire, and our last guy wasn’t doing much damage.

We’re totally screwed.

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