Lost in Pronunciation

Posted on January 16, 2019

At the table there were me and about three more friends, and, except for the DM, none of us had played D&D before. Also, we're all Brazilians. Yes, this is relevant. It is also relevant that, in Portuguese, the pronunciation of the letter "R" at the beginning of a word is the same as the letter "H". For example, if it were a Portuguese word, "rope" would be pronounced as "hope".

So there was a moment during the campaign where we had to go through a passage located behind an abandoned mansion. Before that, the DM tells us that "the mansion is being guarded by hobogoblins."

I'm genuinely confused. "Guarded by what?!"

"Hobogoblins," he answers as he begins to search for a picture of the monsters.

"We're fighting robots?!"

"Oh..." He stops searching and decides, "yes, you'll be fighting robo-goblins."

It was much harder, but it was fun.

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