Meepo the Mighty Kobold

Posted on March 13, 2018

This story begins in the Fifth Edition Sunless Citadel adventure included in the Yawning Portal book. My girlfriend wanted to run it for friends, and since I'd already read much of the adventure, I played a Kobold in the dungeon that would join the party rather than be with them from the start.

I chose Meepo, a somewhat pathetic kobold who, anyone who's played Sunless Citadel knows, needs to redeem himself in the tribes’ eyes. Thus Meepo the kobold became Meepo the Rogue. The party consisted of a Wizard inspired by the Emperor from Star Wars, an old Bard, and a Tortle Druid looking for love. Essentially it was a group of old guys who I shall henceforth refer to as the geezers.

The geezers met Meepo and we all had some fun interacting with each other. Then our group of squishy level one characters found a strange room, picked up a flute, and five skeletons came out ready to fight us. Roll Initiative.

The Wizard went down in one hit, the Druid went down after two hits and he was the only healer. This left the Bard and Meepo the kobold. With three skeletons down and both of us at 2 hit points we were all on the edge of our seats. Then the Bard gets hit and goes down.

So what does a Kobold with two hit points do when he's up against the wall with two enemies left? Well, the Druid had filled his wineskin with some fire breath potion from a magic fountain. I snagged it up. And so Meepo, this tiny disgraced Kobold, stood above the dying geezers and breathed a mighty flame, coming as close to being a dragon as a kobold could ask.

With a sigh of relief from everyone at the table they were defeated. Then I ran around like madman stabilizing everyone.

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