The Legend of the Knifelock

Posted on March 22, 2019

We're a fairly new group, but we're an enthusiastic bunch. Our DM's brother is one of the newest of the new and he plays a halfling Warlock. With three daggers.

Now, I'm wondering to myself, why does he need three daggers? Of course, I was also wondering why he and the elf Monk had just fallen out of an airship with the corpse of a slave owner, but after about five to ten minutes of discussion (and exasperating the DM) we decided to let them come with us. I also took the slave owner's sword.

We'd been playing Storm King's Thunder and there were some bandits holed up in a tavern that we had to clear out. To be fair, it was also our fault that the bandits were in there so what remained of the town guard were more than happy for us to do the heavy lifting on that one. Our method of clearing them out was a simple breach and clear.

The Barbarian kicked open the door and took a crossbow bolt to the shoulder. I replied with an arrow to one of the goons and our happy little Warlock threw a dagger at the same goon, killing him. Everyone except the Druid and me rush in for some melee goodness, with the Warlock pulling out his third dagger for stabbing.

So the fight's going fairly well, both goons are dead and their leaders aren't too well off. This was when the Warlock sheathed one of his daggers, grabbed the one that he'd thrown in the goon at the start of the fight and ran across a table towards the other leader, who was staying out of the larger melee due to a combination of arrows and common sense. A rare quality at level two.

Now, we come to the climax of the story. With a mighty shout of, 'Watch me jump!' the halfling Warlock leapt into the air and landed on the bandit's shoulders, plunging his knives into her back.

It. Was. Amazing.

The Knifelock's adventure has just begun, but here's hoping it continues to grow, eh?

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