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Table Titans Update Schedule This Week!

Posted by Table Titans on October 20, 2014

Hello Titans!

It's a big week for the Table Titans team! Scott & Cory are at Wizards of the Coast today working on some super secret Dungeons and Dragons stuff, Brian is on a "vision quest", slowly making his way across America, and Steve and his family have just purchased a home (congrats Steve). All this means we've got a couple of changes this week. First, the comic will be posting Wednesday or Friday. Secondly, we'll be posting in glorious black and white. It's something we've done in the past when Steve is super busy or when we've got a page that just looks great with all those beuitiful inks. The black and white will be…

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HTales from the Table


Game of Throngs

Posted by G.R.R. Martin on October 20, 2014
Winter isn't here to protect you

After having DM'd for many years in cookie cutter campaigns and a few minor homebrew worlds of my own, I decided to tackle something a bit more complicated. With the overwhelming support of my players, I went and spent weeks meticulously integrating the world from Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire for the true fans out there) with the world of D&D.

The two actually fit together quite nicely with some tweaking here and there. My initial intent was to create a series of events that occurred outside the happenings in the books. The idea being that they would play around the outskirts of the story until such a time that the…

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HTales from the Table


Gnome Tossing

Posted by Lord Littlebrook on October 19, 2014
give em the giant swing

Our gaming group was very new to D&D, mostly first timers with just a couple veterans. We worked hard to get our team leveled up and figure out a good party balance. We were finally starting to get a feel for the game.

To keep the fights interesting our DM liked to throw a variety of unusual monsters at us. One such set was a pack of Living Vines. When the fight starting going badly, one of the newcomers turned to one of our veteran players, a Gnome Rogue, he doused him in oil, lit him on fire, and threw him at the Living Vines.

I don't know which was funnier, the surprising effectiveness of his action, or the outrage of the…

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