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Pre Order Table Titans Vol 1: First Encounters TODAY!

Posted by Table Titans on September 28, 2015

It’s finally here! Table Titans Volume 1: First Encounters is on its way here from the printers and will be shipping in December. Hallelujah!

First we want to once again say thank you to everyone who backed our Kickstarter and made this book happen. Because of your support, we were able to have Steve Hamaker re-color the entire thing and have Keith Wood design not one but THREE amazing editions. Two of those editions are exclusive to our Kickstarter Backers, but the third edition is for those of you who didn’t get a chance to participate in the Kickstarter and plan to order the book through retail channels and it’s those people I…

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A Smashing Good Time

Posted by Royal Saxon on October 07, 2015

I was running my first ever campaign as a DM and my players had exhausted everything I had prepared for the session in record time. Fortunately for me, the party was in town, and one of my players was a bounty hunter.

The group asked the local authorities if there was anything to look into but, since they had just finished cleansing the area of evil, the closest thing to a vile plot was a domestic dispute at the edge of town. The leader of the town guard told them that if they were bored, they could definitely go GENTLY break up the fight.

The group decided they would check it out before they rested up or slept for the night. I…

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Have a Nice Trip!

Posted by Tropezar on October 06, 2015

Just recently, my party was breaking into a fort patrolled by a large number of armed guards. The plan: my Rogue would sneak in, scout the place, open the front gates, and possibly cause trouble if she could. Then, the Druid and the Paladin would charge, the Druid on his Dire Bear, the Paladin with some knights he had convinced to help him.

After some careful scouting, my Rogue found a set of handholds and was able to make it over the wall. Fortunately, there were no guards nearby. As my Rogue looked around to see what the other guards were doing, another player suggested, "what if she trips one of them?"

I thought about it for a…

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