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Of Forks and Gryphons

Posted by Furca Tines on March 26, 2015
Why not a spoon?

You know those times when tiny character quirks end up benefiting you greatly? Or when an insignificant detail changes the course of the entire campaign?

I have a fond memory of such a time to share.

I was playing my beloved green half-drake Elf Druid who could turn into a full drake at will. In the rest of the party was a tough Human Fighter, a female Drow Mage with an evil sword, and a Halfling Rogue as our guide.

We were traveling the countryside and ended up in a coastal town, where we were given a quest to seek out leads for a bronze dragon’s egg that had been stolen.

My character had no understanding of wearing…

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HTales from the Table


Three Times Failing

Posted by Kenneth McCormick on March 25, 2015
Need another character sheet?

This story is about a player who had the worst possible luck.

When I was at university I joined the local D&D group. I was playing a sneaky Elven Ranger. We quickly got into a routine; I would sneak ahead to the next door, listen, check for traps, then motion for the rest of the party to move up while I checked the next door. After the first six rooms proved to be empty, the bad-luck player got impatient and declared that his character was just going to go right ahead and open the next door without waiting.

He triggered a lightning bolt trap and was shot by several Orcs who were waiting in ambush.

He created a new character.

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HTales from the Table


We Destroyed Everything

Posted by Crecy Battle on March 25, 2015

Alright, so…

This looked bad.

My character, a Wizard with a drinking problem and slightly suicidal ideation due to getting caught in a time warp and waking up 1000 years in the future, and a Warrior named Chrede Redhands who had a skull as a friend, were stuck.

Stuck at the top of a prison guard tower. Countless guards were climbing up to swarm us. Not imprison us, that's for sure.

The plan had really gone wrong.

A tyrant had taken over a giant ship in a dock town and was holding the town hostage. The crew of the ship had been put into a heavily guarded prison. The PLAN was to sneak in, dispatch as many guards as easily…

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