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All This Week on Table Titans: Thank You!

Posted by Table Titans on April 16, 2014

All this week on Table Titans, instead of running the strip as usual, we're taking a couple of days to thank our readers and Kickstarter backers. The comic pages will feature this brand new piece of art, inspired by the work of Walt Simonson and illustrated by Scott Kurtz. It's just one of the many ways we want you all to know how important you are to this process.

Thank you all so much!

 We all like this image so much we're having Table Titans colorist, Steve Hamaker, give it some sparkle and we're sending it off to our manufacturer at to see about getting this made into our Kickstarter exclusive backer shirt smile

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HTales from the Table


With Ultimate Power

Posted by S. M. Lieber on April 13, 2014
...comes ultimate responsibility!

I was running a low-ish level 4e D&D game for some friends at my local game shop and the campaign was straight out of my brand new Book of Vile Darkness adventure book.

The party was lost in a thick patch of forest and had just stumbled into a clearing created by something massive having fallen out of the sky. The clearing was littered with the ruins of a tall Wizard's tower in the center of the newly-formed crater. Here the party fought a seemingly normal battle against some Chaos Spawn. Afterwards they found a rather not-so-normal book.

The Dwarven Warlock picked it up.

It wasn't long before he figured out the book was…

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The Book of Vile Darkness

Posted by Table Titans on April 13, 2014

The word ‘evil’ is not quite strong enough to describe the horrors that lie within the Book of Vile Darkness. Add to it a touch of devastation, toxicity, cruelty, and terror... and you finally come close to what is in store within the pages.

Here are excerpts about The Book of Vile Darkness from the Wizard archives:

Only the most indomitable minds dare to look upon the malevolent thoughts and forbidden secrets bound herein. This corrupt tome is filled with deplorable wisdom, malignant ideas, and descriptions of creatures, rites, and practices most foul. Evil permeates every word and image inscribed within it. . . .

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