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Table Titans V2 Kickstarter FINAL DAY

Posted by Table Titans on December 05, 2016
We know that most of you fantastic Titans have already pledged to the Table Titans V2 Kickstarter, but in case you haven’t we wanted to let you know that with less than 24 hours left there hasn’t been a better time to become a Backer!
We’ve already unlocked all but one of the Stretch Goals. That means that if you become a V2 Backer today you’re going to get all this stuff.
Just like last time we needed a big finish and so this afternoon we unleashed the Ultimate Final Stretch Goal: TABLE TITANS GAME TOKENS!
100 Monsters, Heroes, Traps, and Treasures, from the Table Titan’s own Fallen Veil campaign…
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Just Because I’m Evil Doesn’t Make Me Wrong

Posted on December 07, 2016

I play a Lawful Evil Warlock in the 5e D&D Adventure League held at my local game store. These are, by their nature, pick-up games, so the character mix constantly changes. My character is not always popular, being evil, which is further exacerbated by the character trait "Arrogant and Insulting" with an Intelligence of 8.

This time I was playing with two good-aligned Paladins and a Cleric of magic. We were following a ghost into a haunted wood when we came upon a wagon stuck in the mud. It was a deluxe wagon, more like a house on wheels, and the end with the only door was mired halfway up the wall. Through a tiny window we could…

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HTales from the Table


Curiosity Killed the Dragon

Posted on December 05, 2016

Hearken now and hear the take of Kiri; Draconic being extraordinaire, faithful teammate, and always good for a laugh. Kiri was a generous soul. She was always ready to help anyone in need, and was eager to share her gifts with those suffering from any difficulty; major, or minor, or miniscule. Kiri loved magic and had a spell for any and every situation. She loved magic so much that she would use it every chance she got. She had a ring of unlimited cantrips made just so that she could prestidigitate her way into, through, and out of anything.

Kiri was a Wild Mage. Only she had a much greater chance than most of losing control of her…

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