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Rest in Peace, Robot

Posted by Table Titans on January 19, 2018

Tavis here, from Binwin's Minions. I wanted to give you a quick update and some explination for this weeks Binwin's Minions, a tribute.

Tuesday Morning I took our dog Robot to the ER. She’d been having trouble peeing, and was just generally uncomfortable. After a couple of hours one problem domino’d into another and into another. We had to make the decision to put her down. Megan and I stayed with her to the end. She was a part of our family for nearly 12 years (this Saturday would’ve been her 12th birthday). Robot was a great dog. Always smiling, and fiercely loyal. Her favorite toys were a ratty old talking Raccoon, and a Crinkly …

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HTales from the Table


Curiously Charitable

Posted on January 19, 2018

My Bard and my traveling companions, a Monk and a Ceric, came upon a town surrounded by refugee camps suffering from a terrible plague. As we walked through the main gate, we saw the dead being isolated in mass graves, which the local church was kind enough to dig.

In the course of the adventure, we decided to investigate a warehouse at the edge of town rumored to belong to the same local church. Rather than crash in and treat it like a dungeon, we sent in the Monk to spy, aided with an Invisibility from me and a Silence from the Cleric.

In a storeroom on the top floor, the Monk came upon three large barrels. The first was filled wi…

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HTales from the Table


My Own Greatest Enemy

Posted on January 16, 2018

My first character was an arrogant Sorcerer named Drake Fantana that flew around Eberron trying to save the world with a group of friends. He ended up an international criminal wanted for the destruction of a city. I swear it was an accident. But even though that campaign had some good learning moments, such as finding out quickly and brutally what an "anti-magic field" was, or accidentally killing a hostage because I figured I was such a bad shot with a crossbow that I was sure to miss, it was really the ending that always stood out to me.

We were in a Game of Death-esque pagoda and were fighting our way up towards a Dragon Lich. Ea…

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