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Posted by Scott R. Kurtz on July 08, 2019

Hey, Titans, Scott here. I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on my father’s health. Many of you ask me about him online and at conventions. He’s been a part of the comic strip and I know many of you are fans and are concerned. Which means the world to us.

Dad had a couple falls last week and after some imaging, doctors found some new stroke activity. He’s being cared for now, and plans are for him to return to in-patient rehab and then he’ll be getting his own place with skilled care very close to where we currently live.

It’s been a challenging but rewarding seventeen months since we moved dad in to live with us. Being his…

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CNews & Events


Posted by Scott R. Kurtz on March 28, 2019

As the warm days of spring continue to push back the armies of a long winter, we find ourselves on the eve of another PAX EAST: BOSTON! The Table Titans crew will be there at booth 12090 full of wonders and bedazzlements.

It’s gonna be BRUTAL:

This PAX East we are debuting Table Titans first published board game, BRUTALITY! designed by legendary game producer Stephan Frost (Blizzard, Disney, Nexon), BRUTALITY is an action packed medieval combat brawler for 2-4 players. We’re having a special PAX EAST sale to celebrate the release where you get the BRUTALITY and ALL THREE EXPANSIONS for only $100. This is a limited time Brutal Bundle…

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HTales from the Table


The Legend of the Knifelock

Posted on March 22, 2019

We're a fairly new group, but we're an enthusiastic bunch. Our DM's brother is one of the newest of the new and he plays a halfling Warlock. With three daggers.

Now, I'm wondering to myself, why does he need three daggers? Of course, I was also wondering why he and the elf Monk had just fallen out of an airship with the corpse of a slave owner, but after about five to ten minutes of discussion (and exasperating the DM) we decided to let them come with us. I also took the slave owner's sword.

We'd been playing Storm King's Thunder and there were some bandits holed up in a tavern that we had to clear out. To be fair, it was also our f…

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