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HTales from the Table


The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Bodybuilders

Posted by J. Steinbeck on November 24, 2014
What could possibly go wrong?

Our party had been tasked with assassinating the leader of a group of ruthless bandits. We tracked her down with relative ease but soon found that she rarely left her compound in the middle of the woods. The compound was heavily guarded and our Rogue was unable to sneak in. He'd been spotted by the guards but managed to lose them. Then my Dragonborn warlord came up with a plan.

You see there were three people in the party: my character Santiago Fatback, Cree, a Human Fighter, and Feets, the Halfling Rogue. Santiago and Cree both have high strength scores so we figured that meant they were muscular. I suggested that we hide our blood…

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