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It’s Hard Out Here for a Rogue

Posted by C. Coleman on November 20, 2014
You know it's hard out here for a Rogue

We were a four man party: Elven Ranger, Human Wizard, Dwarf Cleric/Fighter, and a Halfling Rogue. While questing down in the depths of some dungeon we woke up a Black Dragon and the battle commenced. We were getting nowhere. My arrows couldn’t penetrate his armor the Wizard rolled horribly, the Fighter couldn’t get close to the beast, and the Rogue, well… For the entire game, spanning six months at that point, the Rogue did nothing. He saw himself as a playboy who would charm his way to fortune. It worked great in the towns and such but every time we got to an encounter he would disappear. We hated it! But for some odd reason, in this…

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