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HTales from the Table


The Inn

Posted by Barmy Rootknot on November 25, 2014
The last house on the Hobbiton side

Friend of mine ran a D&D Next game, and our group having been together for about seven years now, we all know what roles we usually fall into. With this one, we threw caution to the wind and made whatever the hell we felt like, whether it was in the rules or not!

Since we're seasoned roleplayers, we really got into character. The party now had a Human Cleric, a Half-Elf Mage and three Hobbit Thieves. I don't say Rogue here, because we were out and out Thieves. But we went farther with it. These Hobbits were siblings and running their own Inn back at town. I was the cook, my female friend was the innkeeper, and my male friend was the…

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