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First Encounters page 82
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HTales from the Table


Failure from Success

Posted by H. Dresden on September 22, 2014
Oh... it's more than just a bundle of stuff.
I was running an adventure for a single character, a Wizard working as a private investigator in Eberron. When rolling her character she passed on the Adventurer's Kit. The Adventuerer’s Kit, as it’s name implies, includes all the basics of adventuring: rope, flint, whetstone, bedroll, waterskin, etc. Our newly formed Wizard figured that in a city adventure one doesn't need to worry about things such as these. She was dead wrong.
She was hired by an NPC to search the underground ruins of one of Sharn's many towers where she met her first hurdle: a very deep shaft. She had a grappling hook, hammer, and pitons, but... no rope.…
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