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Everyone Needs a Meatshield

Posted on October 22, 2018

I recently began playing with a new group and a new DM. The DM and I had a few classes together in school and when he found out I played, he begged me to be a part of his group.

He asked because his group was something we like to call "squishies" or rather, a group of frail Wizards, Clerics or low-constitution Rogues. This group was comprised of a Gnome Cleric, a Halfling Rogue, a Human Rogue and a skinny Elven Wizard. Normally I would play a Wizard, but I saw the problem here and I was more than glad to join in.

I was introduced as a Tiefling Fighter named Rabo Bloodclaw. The group had landed themselves in jail and I was an inmate …

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